Texas A&M Downs UTSA

Texas A&M Downs UTSA

UTSA Baseball's post season run ended on Saturday as Texas A&M used solid pitching and timely hitting to down the Roadrunners 6-1.

Less than 24 hours removed from an emotional loss to Oregon St, UTSA's post season run came to an end.

Starting pitcther Brosk Hartson gave up 5 runs on 9 hits over 4.2 innings of work.

UTSA had a hard time getting anything going offensively.

Here are post-game comments from Head Coach Jason Marshall:

Opening Statement:

"I felt like today was a matter of not having a hangover from last night. From being able to get up off the mat and go compete, you know it wasn't going to be easy regardless. It felt like we came out and put our best foot forward but we weren't able to put enough scoring opportunities up there to give ourselves a chance to win the game."

On the quick turnaround:

"A day off would have been great, but I think we only had a few hours. You get back to the hotel after getting punched in the gut. You get back to the hotel after getting punched in the gut. You wake back up early in the morning and go against another quality opponent and like they say, baseball is designed to break your heart right and our heart got broken last night."

On the season as a whole:

"We were right there on the edge of doing something that this program hasn't ever done before. Unfortunately, the game got a little careless last night at the very end and the game got away from us. Thing about it is, we have had a very reliable character throughout the year and we always come out and play hard. The intangibles are one thing this season that we needed to start to change in the program, and show off how hard we work, and the tempo and pace that we play. I am very proud of our team as a first-year head coach. I have had a lot of years invested at UTSA as an assistant coach and recruited all of these guys. I am very proud of them for turning the tide of the program and having them get us back on the positive side with 35 wins. It was a great first step towards the right direction. UTSA is a diamond in the rough, it's a young baseball program, and it's a young university."

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