Inside the UTSA Offense Tight Ends Position

Inside the UTSA Offense Tight Ends Position

With football season just around the corner, UTSA is ramping up for fall practice. checks in with the position coaches just before the 2013 season gets going.


Tight End
Starter: Jeremiah Moeller
Backups: Cole Hubble and David Morgan


On Expectations:
"Our expectations are really high. We have three guys that have played and know this offense well and have done some good things for us. We're going to ask those guys to do a lot. I'm excited, I think we have a special group."

On the Expected Depth Chart:
"We're looking at Jeremiah, Cole, and David. Jeremiah is our starter but all of those guys are going to play. So really it's like we have three starters."

On David Morgan Returning From Injury:
"I'm excited to finally get David back on the field. He's had an unfortunate series of injuries. He had a great spring two seasons ago. Everyone knew about his receiving abilities but the biggest thing that spring was he really got better in the running game. He's probably the most physically gifted tight end w we have. The sky is the limit for him. You have to remind yourself that he's been away from the game for over year. So we need to get him back and get in the rhythm of things. "

On Jeremiah Moeller and Cole Hubble:
"The first thing that comes to mind are their work ethic. I don't know if there are two harder working guys on the entire team. Jeremiah walked on for us and barely made the team. He came in and earned a spot and then earned a scholarship. You don't hear as much about Jeremiah but what he does in the run game and pass protection is phenomenal. He's probably as good as anyone I've been around in the run game. He's a great leader for us. I've really been proud of Cole. He went from QB to TE to LB and then back to TE. When we lost David last summer, we brought him over to give us depth. We knew he was athletic and had the tools. He's as big of a competitor as they come. What he brings us is versatility in the passing game. He's definitely a weapon. "

On Reserve Trevor Stevens:
"This past spring was the first time he was able to run the offense. It was a great spring for him because he saw a lot of reps. He's got the tools in the run game. He's big and has length. Sometimes I forget he's a freshman. He's going to be a good player for us but luckily we've got some guys ahead of him where we don't have to throw him into the fire. There are situational instances where he could help us out in and he'll play on special teams. "

On Multiple Tight End Sets:
"You're going to see quite a bit of two tight end sets. In the second half of last season we started getting into to some two tight end sets. There may be situations where you see three tight ends on the field. Each one of those guys has a certain niche. We want to be that double-edged sword. We want to be a threat in the running game and a threat in the passing game. When you have guys who can do that, it's hard to take them off of the field. We're going to utilize them quite a bit. You'll see our guys do a lot of different things. "

On the Tight End's Personality:
"We've got a motto of "Hard Edge." We want to have that mentality. One thing that people who watch us on film can say is that we play hard. We want to be physical and play with an attitude. Our guys take pride in that. We want to be the hardest working group on the field. A lot of that is effort and finishing the plays. That's something that characterizes tight ends at UTSA."

Moeller gets the start because he's the most versatile tight end on the roster. Look for him to see the bulk in the snaps initially. But the use of multiple tight end sets will give all Hubble and Morgan significant playing time as well.

Morgan returning from injury adds another wrinkle to the offense that was missing in 2012. While Hubble had a breakout receiving effort in 2012, the idea of potentially seeing Hubble and Morgan on the field could give opposing defenses fits in the passing game.

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