Inside the UTSA Quarterbacks

Inside the UTSA Quarterbacks

On Sunday, UTSA players report for fall practice. checks in with offensive coordinator Kevin Brown. We walk the quarterback position and the offensive in general.


Starter: Eric Soza
No. 2: Tucker Carter
No. 3: Zach Conque


On Expectations of the Entire Offense:
"We're excited. Fall camp is about focusing on you and getting yourself ready to play. The first couple of weeks will be focused on us. We're always evaluating position battles. We'll focus on us and just get ready. It's not about New Mexico or anybody else, right now it's about us. We're going to be the best we can be. After a few weeks, we'll start turning our attention to New Mexico. "

On Offensive Line Expectations:
"We always expect to run the football. Those guys are physical and we need to run the ball. If we can have that, that opens up other things for us. Our linemen have to be multiple. They've got to be able to come out and move some people so we can run the football. We're a multiple offense so we ask a lot from those guys. "

On Tight End Play:
"We started getting Cole (Hubble) and Jeremiah (Moeller) involved later in the season. Those guys have to be multiple and we feel like we have multiple guys. They're going to have to stick their hand on the ground and block just like a lineman but also to be able to stretch the field in the passing game."

On Schemes:
"You want to be unpredictable but you also want to get your best players the football. If we're ever wrong, we're going to be wrong with our best players. We're going to try to put our best players in positions to make plays. At the same time, if we're predictable it could be a long year. We've got to mix it up and keep defenses guessing. We want to do that with our best players by getting them the football in space.

On Eric Soza:
"We're expecting him to get better. Eric and I talk about goals. He had such a great season last year. We patted him on the back, and rightfully so but we can't get complacent. Eric is the type of player who doesn't do that. He's set new goals. He had a great summer in the weight room. He's looking forward to the future. Eric's excited about his senior season, he's set lofty goals, and we expect big things from him."

On the QB Backup:
"Right now Tucker Carter is our number 2 followed by Zach Conque. But that's going to be a position battle just like any other position. Going into fall, Tucker is #2 and Zach is #3. We tell all of them we start off with a depth chart but as we go along, it can change."

Carter vs Conque:
"They're very similar. Both of them have big arms. Both of them are coaches kids, just like Eric. They're very intelligent. There are a lot of similarities. The biggest thing about those two is that they've got arms that can stretch the field vertically. I think we've got three quarterbacks we can win with. I feel comfortable with all three of them under center. From an experience standpoint, Tucker has been at a junior college and has more experience than Zach at this level. Their skill sets are very similar."

On Newcomer Austin Robinson:
"He's had a great summer, as expected. If everybody stays healthy, we'd love to redshirt Austin. In our situation, we're going to play the best players. It's kind of a wait and see situation to see what Austin can do. We expect big things from him but we feel solid that that position and would love to have the opportunity to redshirt him."

On the Personality of the Entire Offense:
"I'd like to be viewed as relentless. We're going to play to the echo of the whistle. We're going to be aggressive and finish. Talent-wise, I think we've got some talent on this roster. I think you saw flashes of that last year. We've got to play hard every down. If we do that, we're going to have a chance to win."

Eric Soza had a near perfect 2012 campaign. In his final season as a Roadrunner, it's difficult to expect much more. He's been the face of the program both on and off the field. Soza running the offense gives UTSA their best chance of winning.

The backup quarterback situation is a little more interesting. Despite playing well in the spring, Zach Conque will begin the fall behind Tucker Carter. Carter has more time in the Roadrunner offense and has a better understanding of the system. However, Conque may be the most physically talented quarterback on the roster.

Depth is always a continual need at any position, but especially at quarterback. Last season when Soza went down, inexperienced reserve Ryan Polite jumped in. And though he played well at times, the offense was limited. Should a backup need to see the field, the entire offense should be available to either Carter or Conque.

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