Mike Gundy On UTSA

Mike Gundy On UTSA

InsideRunnerSports spoke with Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy about facing the Roadrunners.

General Thoughts on UTSA
"We have a lot of respect for Coach Coker. He's a terrific coach and has obviously done a great job. I've always enjoyed his friendship and look forward to seeing him on Saturday."

Thoughts on Coker's Success at UTSA:
"It doesn't surprise me. He's got good leadership ability. He put a good staff together, they have good schemes."

On the not overlooking UTSA:
"We respect everybody we play. We have a responsibility to prepare for each game, no matter who our opponent his. We have respect for them. They're getting good quarterback play. Our players need to understand the importance of preparation for each game."

On Quarterback Play:
"We felt comfortable with both quarterbacks going into the game. My only concern was the time that each one of them spent with the ones. We get quality reps but they split time with the ones. JW (Walsh) was effective running the football for us. As he got going in the game, he threw the ball more effectively. We were pleased with the balance he brought to our offense."

Who will be starting quarterback:
"I've never been a fan of the two quarterback system. JW (Walsh) will get the nod at this time. Right now, we're going with JW. We don't expect to be in any rotating system."

Run vs Pass:
"We have to stay balanced. We've been successful running the ball and throwing it. Based on what the defense gives us, we have to take advantage of those opportunities to move the ball and score points."

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