Tackle Waiting On Offers

Tackle Waiting On Offers

IRS has learned that this Cali Juco prospect could very well be in line for an offer when the staff visits him on Friday. We've got the latest for you RunnerNation.

By the end of the week, UTSA coaches may very well have 2 offers out to juco tackles and the two hot names that we're hearing are Humberto Lopez (College of the Desert) and Kyle Wright (Chaffey JC).

Wright is just as tall as Lopez, but slightly heavier. Kyle currently stands 6'7" and weighs in at 300lbs. He currently plays right tackle for the Panthers. Last year he lined up on the interior and played left guard and center. It's this versatility, along with tremendous size and athleticism for a big man that has UTSA and other schools interested in him.

Florida Atlantic was recently the first program to offer. Fresno State, UTSA, North Carolina State, and Arkansas State are other programs showing interest. He ranks his top three schools as Fresno, UTSA and NC state, in that order.

Originally, Wright grey shirted at Chaffey. Somewhat raw out of high school, but oozing with potential, it was his high school coach that convinced him to keep pushing and earn the chance to play college football. The best avenue was to go the juco route and he ended up at Chaffey.

The UTSA staff is scheduled to see stop by and see him on Friday. He hopes they bring an offer with them.

"Coach Polo is supposed to be here on Friday. He said Head Coach Larry Coker liked my film and hopefully has good news on Friday," said Wright.

Kyle is on track to be a mid year transfer and will have 3 years to play 2 at the next level.

If the 'Runners do extend, don't expect an on the spot decision by Wright. He plans on making the call after his season wraps up. Make no mistake, a UTSA offer would definitely make their case to land him that much stronger.

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