Hoops Practice Report

Hoops Practice Report

In an effort to branch out to the greater San Antonio community, UTSA Head Coach took his team to New Braunfels and held an open practice on Saturday.

- New Braunfels, TX

The UTSA men's basketball team is less than two weeks away from its season opening scrimmage vs Southeastern Oklahoma State.

On Saturday, UTSA practiced for just over an hour and a half at the McKenna New BraunFit Gym in New Braunfels.

UTSA has been practicing now for several weeks, but have faced several key injuries. In fact on Saturday, the ‘Runners were only able to dress 10 players.

Jeromie Hill, Luke Wilshire, and Larry Lewis did not participate in the practice session.

"We're a little behind just due to injuries, especially in conditioning. Even from a teaching standpoint, we're a little behind because we haven't had enough guys on the floor to really teach. But I feel like we can catch up."

"We were supposed to get going a little bit earlier but we were so banged up we had to wait a little just to get healthy bodies on the floor. We've got to get better. We have to have great practices. Coming out here today was great. We have a great group of guys, great chemistry."

"Tomorrow (Sunday), we'll take the day off to try to get a little bit healthier. But we've got to crank it back up on Monday getting ready for our exhibition."

"We've got some guys who have been hurt but they're battling through it. We're coming along, everything is starting to click."

"We've still got a few things defensively to teach some guys that haven't played at the d-1 level. But everyone is starting to pick up on stuff. The first couple of days were a little rough but everyone is starting to get into a groove, learning what they need to know."

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