Coach Speak

Coach Speak

Tulane Head Coach Curtis Johnson indicates the Green Wave will play two quarterbacks Saturday vs UTSA. Here are comments from both coaches about the CUSA matchup.

UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker on Tulane:

"This is probably one of the best Tulane teams that they've had in a while. They've won some big games. It'll be interesting to see the Tulane team we get. They have a lot of all-star candidates. Their running back has done a great job. Head coach Curtis Johnson, of course, we were on staff together at Miami. I think the thing a lot of people don't realize is the talent in Louisiana. There's great football talent there. CJ has done a good job with it and they're really playing hard."

Tulane Head Coach Curtis Johnson on UTSA:

"Well, Larry is a great friend of mine. We worked together. He is a good football coach, and he has his team playing really well. There is no indication he is slowing down one bit. He is always joking, and he recently told me how old he was and I didn't believe him. He is just a very, very conscientious guy. He is a phenomenal coach."

Coker on finally forcing turnovers:

"We haven't added anything. We haven't gone into any type of tirade to make it happen. The kids believe in it. Sometimes we're being sloppy with the ball and making bad decisions or maybe the guy made a great hit and we fumbled the ball. We learn from it. We can't do that too much obviously. I think we're doing a good job protecting the ball. The last two weeks it's kind of happened for us. Hopefully we can make it happen and it's going to continue to happen. The guys have done a good job on that. We've taken the ball and we've put it in the end zone. Not only on the scoreboard, but also emotionally and on the road. Those are things that you love to see."

Johnson on playing two QBs Nick Montana and Devin Powell:

"We were in a situation where we had the two quarterbacks playing. They didn't play well enough to win. Nick is coming back from some injuries, and Devin just didn't play as well as he has been playing. I don't know if Nick is fully, 100 percent and ready to roll. He probably should have been out for another week, but he was eager and raring to go. I just want (watch) Nick's shoulder. If he is going good, we are definitely going to give him the first two series and give Devin the third series and then take it from there. They would tell you that there is no confidence issue. I don't really know. If Nick was healthy and played throughout the week, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But now, the question is, where does the rehab stop, and the football begins so he can get back to being his old self."

Coker on a possible CUSA Championship or Bowl Game:

"That's out there and the players know that. I never lie to them. I think as a coach you like to have it in your control. We know we have to beat Tulane to have that happen. I want our guys to be bowl eligible. We've got three games left and we've won four games. If we win out and we win three, that improves our chances. Again, we have to win."

Johnson on Tulane's sense of urgency:

"We had our mulligan game. It's over now. We are still where we want to be. We are the only team that can still control its own destiny. We have to go out and win this one, win the next one, win the next one, win the next one and then win a bowl game. But, it's easier said than done. I don't think our team believes that being bowl-eligible is the goal in mind. The goal is to win the conference championship. You just see the intensity level pick up. There wasn't a lot of chatter or messing around at practice."

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