Y'Barbo A Little Loco

Y'Barbo A Little Loco

Trash talk and smack are as much a part of sports, as winning and losing is. Every now and then, those on the losing side simply can't take it and continue to stick their foot in their mouth.

After UTSA punched the Mean Green in the mouth Saturday, 21-13, and eliminated them from any chance of winning the C-USA Western division, the smack talk continued.

Offensive Lineman Mason Y'Barbo felt it was necessary to drop this gem of a quote.

Y'Barbo made the comments to the Denton Record Chronicle following the loss.

It's clear the UTSA defense left Y'Barbo dazed and confused. Not only were his comments evident of that, but the fact that UTSA's defensive line owned the line of scrimmage. The front 6/7 held UNT to 60 yards less than their rushing season average of 165 yards.

We can't forget that on a 3rd and Goal from the UTSA one yard line, Y'Barbo cost the Mean Green with a false start. His penalty would eventually lead to a UNT field goal when a touchdown was sorely needed.

Yup, so it makes perfect sense that Y'Barbo would open his mouth to talk about how much of a better team UNT is. When a defense punches you in the mouth like UTSA did, it's a surprise that he was even able to talk after the game. His teammates should've showed him the scoreboard.

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