South Texas Athlete Shines At Camp

South Texas Athlete Shines At Camp

UTSA hosted several hundred recruits at the upperclassmen camp recently. But one athlete from South Texas made a splash and now has himself on UTSA's radar.

About 250 miles south of San Antonio lies the small south Texas town of Mission. When Veterans Memorial QB Santos Villarreal heard that UTSA was holding a football camp, he decided to make the nearly 4 hour drive north to attend the camp.

"I showed up with a lot of motivation," said Santos. "It's hard for a lot of kids down here to get noticed."

UTSA is recruiting Santos Villarreal as a Safety.

Historically, the Rio Grande Valley has been under-recruited area of Texas. But for Santos, his decision to camp with UTSA may pay dividends.

"My experience was great," said Villarreal. "I did my best and impressed the coaches."

After posting a 40 time of 4.5, Villarreal was approached by Defensive Coordinator Neal Neathery.

"He told me he was impressed with the way I ran," said Villarreal. "They asked me if I played safety and I told them I played both ways."

Following his conversation with Neathery, Villarreal spoke to Safeties coach Perry Eliano.

"It was a blessing, not everyone gets the opportunity to work with coaches of caliber. It was a great experience," said Villarreal.

At 6'0" and 190lbs, Villarreal plays QB and Safety for Veterans Memorial. UTSA wants to see current film of him playing Safety before any offer is extended. But Villarreal has no issue with that.

"Any opportunity I get from a college where they want me to play offense or defense, I'm open to it," said Villarreal.

Villarreal went through injury last year and does not have any current film of him at Safety but will once the 2014 season begins. UTSA plans to keep an eye on him.

"I'd love to be a part of the program," Villarreal said of UTSA.

Also of note is that Villarreal camped with the University of Houston in New Braunfels recently where Cougars' Offense Coordinator Travis Bush said he liked him a lot and would attend a few of his games.

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