Targets Recap Visit

Targets Recap Visit

These defensive targets and high school teammates were on campus Saturday to get a more personal feel of what UTSA has to offer and their visit didn't disappoint.

Kerry Walker (DE) and Diamon Cannon (LB) of Killeen Shoemaker HS made the two and a half hour drive down I-35 and showed up thirty minutes into media day on Saturday. Both had UTSA as one of their top choices before the visit and it only seems that the trip to Roadrunner country helped even more.

"It went great. They showed us the academics part and the football part," said Walker.

This wasn't his first visit to campus either as he's been to UTSA a couple of times before attending junior days and camps, so not much caught him off guard.

Walker got to see a bit of everything that the 'Runners have to offer and he also made his first visit to the Alamodome which left a mark on him.

His Top 3 choices still consist of UTSA, Texas State and Northern Illinois. He still expects to make a decision before Week 1 of his senior year and right now is just weighing all of his options.

Cannon also really enjoyed the visit as it was he, and his mother who drove them down to campus.

"It was a pretty good visit. UTSA has always stood out, I have a different feeling. I feel comfortable at UTSA," said Cannon.

After arriving and wrapping up media day, he and Walker were given a tour of the campus. They got to sit in on some position meetings and then they were off to the Dome. Like Walker, it was Cannon's first time inside the home Dome of UTSA.

"It was my first time there. They were laying down brand new turf when we got there. It was real nice," said Cannon.

One significant change for Diamon is that he no longer plans on making his decision before the start of the season. One program that is drawing his interest more and more is the Wolfpack of Nevada. He would like to take an official visit out there after he finishes the year.

Both teammates say it would be a good thing if they end up making the leap to the D1 level a part of the same team, but it's not a guarantee.

"If it happens that we play together, it happens. If it doesn't, we wish each other good luck and go on," said Cannon.

Both are getting ready for two a days as Shoemaker gets down to business starting Monday and both prepare for their final year on the high school scene.

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