UTSA Insider: OC Kevin Brown

UTSA Insider: OC Kevin Brown

Following Tuesday's practice, we went one on one with UTSA Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown about a number of topics.

Kevin Brown is in his third year as UTSA Offensive Coordinator. Below is our conversation with Brown:

On the Status of the Offense

"We're making progress. We're not where we want to be yet but we still got a little time. The thing is that we're improving and making progress. We've got about three weeks until we've got to be perfect."

On Injuries

"It's always next guy up. Since we've been here, there are always kids that jump up and excite you. We're coaching the two's and three's just as hard as the one's."

On the Three QBs

"They've made a lot of progress. I think Tucker (Carter) is comfortable. He's stepped into more of a leadership role this fall. We expect that of him. He's embraced that. I think the guys around him are confident in him. Austin (Robinson) is making strides, he's a lot better now than he was in the spring. We can do a lot with him. Blake (Bogenschutz) has done some good things. They (Robinson and Bogenschutz) are battling it out for that second spot. I've been pleased with them all."

On the Pace Seeming Faster with Carter

"It's probably more experience that anything. More guys know what to do. They're older. A lot of the meetings right now are redundant because they've heard it for four years straight. They're getting out there and executing, so that's good to see."

On Backup QB Austin Robinson's Expected Role

"He's multiple. You can do a lot with him. In this offense, we're always tweaking around our personnel. They guys that we think can help us win, we're going to find spots for them. I'd rather not get into details but we do have a plan for him."

On TE David Morgan's Expected Role

"He's multiple kind of like Austin (Robinson) is. When you get those body types, you can do a lot with them. David is at about 255lbs. He's bigger than anybody we've ever had at that tight end spot. We're excited about him. We're excited about Cole Hubble, who is another multiple guy who can do a lot of stuff."

On Backup QB Blake Bogenschutz

"We knew he was smart. He's come in and been very, very sharp. You put something on the board once, he's got it. He's quiet, he's blue collar, he comes to work every day. He's picked it up. He's done well when he gets those team reps. He's anxious to learn. Everything you coach him, he's going to do exactly what you tell him to do. I've been pleased with him."

On Potentially Redshirting Bogenschutz

"We're going to have to get three of them (quarterbacks) ready. If three of them give us an edge some way, we're going to play the guys that help us win, period. I can't tell you how many are going to play or when, but everyone we travel has a chance to get into the game."

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