Kicking Into History

Kicking Into History

Place Kicker Sean Ianno is UTSA's all-time leading scorer and has been the most consistent scoring weapon in program's short history. As he enters his senior year, Ianno talks about having a consistent final season.

UTSA Place Kicker Sean Ianno enters the 2014 season as the program's all-time leading scorer with 186 total points scored.

In 2013, Ianno was a very consistent 11 for 18 in FG attempts (61%) and was perfect on PATs (31 for 31). His best season was in 2012 where he was 10 for 13 in FG attempts (77%). In all likelihood, Ianno will finish his career as the program's all-time leading scorer.

As he the season approaches, Ianno talks about his final campaign as a Roadrunner.

On Fall Camp
"It's going good, been productive. We're getting better every day. It's an important season."

On 2014 Being His Final Season
"I'm not very emotional. I'm excited to get started and see what happens."

On the Season Expectations
"As unemotional as I am, I still feel excited to see how the season goes and how we'll react to certain situations. Big wins or big losses, whatever happens, it's going to be an emotional year for us. "

On His Development at UTSA
"I was still growing my first few years. I only played my senior year in high school before I got here. As a senior in high school, I was the only kicker so I didn't have anybody to look up to. And when I got here, we were all freshman, we were all in the same situation. It's kind of been just learning on my own and learning how to stay healthy throughout a whole season. I think I've gotten a pretty good sense of what I need to do and how I need to get my percentage up."

On Young Kickers Daniel Portillo and Yanni Roustas
"I didn't have anyone to learn from so I'm trying to be that guy. Daniel and Yanni have a lot of potential. They're not going to be left behind with nothing when me, Kristen Stern, and Josh Ward all graduate."

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